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Summits on or near Route

Maps of the Cambrian Way

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Cambrian Way Map

Summits on or near Route

This is a list of mountains, defined as those over 2,000ft (610m) with a relative height of at least 49ft (15m), encountered along, or close to, the route of the Cambrian Way.

Summit Grid Ref Height Notes
Chwarel y Fan SO258294 2228ft (679m) On Main Route
Twmpa (Lord Hereford's Knob) SO225350 2231ft (680m) On Main Route
Rhos Dirion SO211334 2339ft (713m) On Main Route
Waun Fach SO215300 2661ft (811m) On Main Route
Mynydd Llysiau SO207279 2175ft (663m) On Main Route
Pen Twyn Glas SO213257 2119ft (646m) On Main Route
Pen Allt-mawr SO207243 2359ft (719m) On Main Route
Pen Cerrig-calch SO217223 2300ft (701m) On Main Route
Waun Rydd SO062206 2523ft (769m) 170m off Main Route, 6m Ascent
Bwlch y Ddwyallt SO055203 2474ft (754m) On Talybont Variant
Fan y Big SO036207 2359ft (719m) 520m off Main Route, 4m Ascent
Cribyn SO024213 2608ft (795m) On Main Route
Pen y Fan SO012216 2907ft (886m) On Main Route
Corn Du SO007213 2864ft (873m) On Main Route
Y Gyrn SN989216 2031ft (619m) 500m off Main Route, 26m Ascent
Fan Fawr SN970193 2408ft (734m) 1020m off Main Route, 178m Ascent
Fan Nedd SN913184 2175ft (663m) 970m off Main Route, 133m Ascent
Fan Fraith SN887184 2192ft (668m) 680m off Main Route, 16m Ascent
Fan Gyhirych SN881191 2379ft (725m) On Main Route
Fan Hir SN831209 2497ft (761m) On Ystradfellte Variant
Fan Brycheiniog SN825218 2631ft (802m) On Main Route
Picws Du SN812219 2457ft (749m) On Llandeusant Variant
Waun Lefrith SN798215 2221ft (677m) On Llandeusant Variant
Pumlumon Fawr SN790870 2467ft (752m) On Main Route
Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan SN799871 2385ft (727m) On Main Route
Pen Pumlumon Arwystli SN815877 2431ft (741m) On Main Route
Maesglase SH817150 2218ft (676m) On Main Route
Cribin Fawr SH795153 2162ft (659m) 260m off Main Route, 22m Ascent
Waun-oer SH786148 2198ft (670m) On Main Route
Gau Graig SH744141 2241ft (683m) 130m off Main Route, 2m Ascent
Mynydd Moel SH727137 2831ft (863m) On Main Route
Cadair Idris SH711130 2930ft (893m) On Main Route
Craig Cwm Amarch SH711121 2595ft (791m) On Minffordd Variant
Cyfrwy SH704133 2661ft (811m) 240m off Main Route, 47m Ascent
Tyrrau Mawr SH677135 2169ft (661m) On Main Route
Craig-y-llyn SH665119 2041ft (622m) 700m off Main Route, 123m Ascent
Diffwys West Top SH648229 2106ft (642m) On Main Route
Diffwys SH661234 2461ft (750m) On Main Route
Crib-y-rhiw SH663249 2198ft (670m) On Main Route
Y Llethr SH661258 2480ft (756m) On Main Route
Rhinog Fach SH665270 2336ft (712m) On Main Route
Rhinog Fawr SH657290 2363ft (720m) On Main Route
Moel Ysgyfarnogod SH658346 2044ft (623m) On Main Route
Foel Penolau SH661348 2014ft (614m) On Main Route
Moelwyn Bach SH660437 2329ft (710m) 560m off Main Route, 118m Ascent
Craigysgafn SH660443 2260ft (689m) On Main Route
Moelwyn Mawr SH658449 2526ft (770m) On Main Route
Moelwyn Mawr North Ridge Top SH661453 2119ft (646m) 35m off Main Route, 1m Ascent
Moel-yr-hydd SH672454 2126ft (648m) 690m off Main Route, 103m Ascent
Cnicht North Top SH648468 2251ft (686m) On Main Route
Cnicht SH645466 2260ft (689m) On Main Route
Yr Aran SH604515 2451ft (747m) 800m off Main Route, 220m Ascent
Snowdon SH609544 3560ft (1085m) On Main Route
Crib y Ddysgl SH611552 3494ft (1065m) On Crib Goch Alternative Route
Crib Goch SH624552 3028ft (923m) On Crib Goch Alternative Route
Glyder Fawr SH642579 3278ft (999m) On Main Route
Castell y Gwynt SH654581 3189ft (972m) On Main Route
Glyder Fach SH656583 3261ft (994m) On Main Route
Y Foel Goch SH678582 2641ft (805m) 1090m off Main Route, 63m Ascent
Tryfan SH664594 3002ft (915m) 670m off Main Route, 191m Ascent
Pen yr Ole Wen SH656619 3209ft (978m) On Main Route
Carnedd Dafydd SH663631 3425ft (1044m) On Main Route
Carnedd Llewelyn SH684644 3491ft (1064m) On Main Route
Foel Grach SH689659 3202ft (976m) On Main Route
Garnedd Uchaf (Now renamed Carnedd Gwenllian) SH687669 3038ft (926m) On Main Route
Foel-fras SH696682 3091ft (942m) On Main Route
Drum SH708696 2526ft (770m) On Main Route
Carnedd y Ddelw SH708705 2257ft (688m) On Main Route
Tal y Fan SH729727 2001ft (610m) On Main Route

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