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Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle - The Finish!


Extracts from postcards of Conwy Castle which Tony Drake received and more recent comments sent by Email.
Please now send comments by e-mail to webmaster@cambrianway.org.uk

'What a fantastic walk on the Cambrian Way - thanks." - Nigel Phillips

'A wet but enjoyable walk. Thanks for the fantastic route, truly a mountain connoisseur's dream come true, especially practising navigation in mist on virtually half the mountain ranges, unfortunately. Definitely one to recommend.' - Jackie the goat

'I finished it. It was really good fun. Rhinogs were tough.' - Janet Street Porter

'A wonderful way to see Wales.' - Anne Alderson

'Until now managed to find the right track. Only just now missed top of Conwy Mt. Thanks for the practical guide.' - Anne-Marie, Belgium

'Truly splendid route - thank you very much - excellent wild camping plus campsites YH, & B&B. It is certainly a tough route if cloud is down and it's wet, windy and cold.

'Thanks for devising the route. It has give us many hours of pleasure (not to mention the pain) !' - Bronwen, Noel and Rod Williams

'Congratulations to you for devising such an interesting and challenging walk through parts of Wales which were certainly new to us, and will visit again. Fortunately we were blessed with excellent weather, which made the walk possible. Our major problem was of course the Rhinogs which were somewhat excessive.' - Michael Ewelt

'Excellent walk, done in adverse weather for much of the way: nevertheless we visited every checkpoint and kept to schedule.' - F. Tennent

'It has taken us + 2 children 4 summer holidays to complete. Thank you for devising such a varied and scenic route.' - Jill and Mike Adams

'A fantastic trip in all weathers - thanks.' - Robbie Brookes (Glos.)

'Holland certainly is flatter." - B. & F. van Mock

'Have just completed Cambrian Way in 20 days. Congratulations on putting together such a magnificent route taking in some of the finest mountain scenery in Wales, although it has been hard going in places it has been worth the effort.' - George Tod (see website account of doing the walk four times. www.gtleisure.co.uk/walks/walkindex.htm)

'We made it ! Congratulations on a wonderful route. Hope to do it all in one next time.' - J & S. Dodwell, Cheltenham

'Completed Cambrian Way today. What a challenge ! Letter to follow.' - Jos (62) & Jenny (61)

'Cambrian Way Completed, 10/08/2014 in just over three separate one week stages. An amazing adventure over wonderful mountain scenery. Many thanks to those involved in the original development of the walk and to George Tod for continuing to oversee the official website. Fantastic!' - Malcolm Griffiths(63), Macclesfield

'Brilliant experience all round, wonderful route and a proper challenge, only sad that more people don't take it on.' - Matthew Hand, Rhandirmwyn (read account of walk)

'Finished the Cambrian Way in July, doing five days from middle of the Rhinogs and staying at Youth Hostels. What a wonderful experience which has stretched over two years. One of the best walks I have done over the last 50 years. It is a tough one needing a lot of stamina and good route finding skills. Not for the faint hearted. A real Challenge. Great Website too! - Richard Tyler, Cambrian Way Trust

'Finished the Northern Section of the Cambrian Way on Saturday 9th June. Completed the Southern and Central Section in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Great Challenging walk and we really enjoyed it although my right big toe nail is about to come off due to repeated stubbing in the Rhinogs!' - Steve Swann & Dave Morrison (Macclesfield)

'With some trepidation I set off to complete the way in one trip, intending to camp as I went and completing in one go. In the end it took four trips and 18 days to complete. I left the tent at home for the last 2 days due to the risk of heat stroke. The work of knowledgeable people, lovingly plotted, faint at times, it shows the best of Wales' uplands!' - Neale Bland

'Following in our fathers footsteps we discovered the beauty of Wales by walking the Cambrian Way in three annual visits, with the great help of George Tod's extremely useful website. A wonderful and sometimes painful adventure and quite a challenge since we had no prior experience at all.' - Maarten van Buuren & Thomas van Buuren, The Netherlands

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