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Please Note: Tony Drake passed away aged 89 on 7th March 2012 -   View his Obituary.

At last, some years after Tony Drake's death, the Cambrian Way Trust has been formed to manage publication and updates to the Cambrian Way Guidebook and Website as bequested in Tony Drake's will. The Trustees are:

Reports from readers who walk the Cambrian Way as to where they have stayed or camped and any difficulties encountered would still be greatly appreciated, as it is not possible to spend as much time as Tony did on checking out sections of the route.

Any correspondence to the e-mail address below will be automatically forwarded to the Trustees. Whoever is best able to address your feedback or queries will respond as soon as possible.


Feedback on website

For any problems encountered with the website or any other comments regarding its construction, please contact the webmaster George Tod at:


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