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The Guidebook 'Cambrian Way - the Mountain Connoisseur's Walk'

7th Edition by A.J. Drake, 7.50, ISBN 978 1 5262 0046 4

Cambrian Way Guide Book 5th Edition by A.J. Drake. The guidebook (100 pages) is available through bookshops with a cover price of 7.50.

Or Order Here at the same price of 7.50, including Free U.K. delivery.

By ordering here, a greater amount of the purchase price goes to the Cambrian Way Trust to help finance this website and the publication of future guidebooks.

Please Note: A limited number of copies are still available, but no more will be printed as the new Cicerone guidebook is to expected to be published in July 2019. If stocks run out, there may still be some available through other outlets that still have remaining stock.

All transactions go through the Secure PayPal website and no sensitive information is held by the Trust.

The guide is designed to be a compact, easy to carry, handbook full of practical information for planning and undertaking the walk. It contains a set of sketch maps of the route, including optional variants for access to accommodation, together with a general description of the route. A table of distances and ascents gives valuable help when planning each stage of the walk, as does the extensive list of accommodation addresses either on or close to the route, many of which are in remote areas and not widely advertised in other places.

In total, there are 106 sketch map sections, 85 B&B addresses, 11 Youth Hostels, 10 Bunkhouses and 25 camp sites in the guide. The book is 8" X 5" in size (the same width as folded OS maps). The maps and route description are on the middle pages, thus facilitating removal if desired. Amendments will be published on the CW News page and, where necessary as amendment sheets for download below.

Amendment Sheets (Guidebook 6th Edition)

The latest amendment sheet with or without the missing map can be obtained from the .pdf files below, which open in a new window. The map is intended to become page 97 of the guidebook. To print it at the correct size, ensure that Page Scaling: is set to None in the print dialogue box. The sheet can then be trimmed to 8" X 4.5" to affix into the back of the guidebook. More recent individual amendmants can be seen on the CW News page.

1st Nov 2013 (.pdf files) - P97 Map and Amendments (78 kb)    Amendments Only (37 kb)

Stage Planner Update (Guidebook 6th Edition)

Following a recent exercise of plotting the route using the Ordnance Survey's Getamap Service, some discrepancies have been found in figures shown in the Stage Planning section of the guidebook, as well as figures quoted in other places throughout the book. A further update has been carried out using 'OS Maps' online mapping using the route as defined in the 7th Edition of the guidebook. The ascent figures in this include undulations betweem plotted points and are considerably greater though likely to be more accurate. Please note that the walk has not got any harder, it is just that the measurements are more accurate! This should be kept in mind when comparing it with other walks that may not have been calculated in the same way. Amended Stage Planners can be obtained from the .pdf files below.

Stage Planner Update 3rd Feb 2012 (76 kb)       Stage Planner Update 28th Jan 2016 (59 kb)

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