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The following Cambrian Way Photos are of medium resolution at 1600 pixels wide, which is adequate for most applications. Higher resolution ones are available by contacting George Tod at for use in large prints.

Each photo can be saved by right clicking its image and then selecting the 'Save Image to..' option (this may vary depending upon which browser is in use).

To link to the image from a website, right click the image and select 'Copy Image Address', which will save it to the clipboard. It can then be pasted into the HTML of the web page, or pasted into an e-mail for someone else to use as a link.

Although the copyright of these images belongs to George Tod, permission is given to use them in any manner associated with promotion of the Cambrian Way without requesting specific authority.

Photo Album of 800 pixel Images

The same photos (with one or two exceptions) are also shown in Photo Album form, with thumbnails down the left for selection. Most of them do not have captions on the images themselves, just captions against them.

Cardiff to Crickhowell

DSCF0193: Entrance to Cardiff Castle
DSC00045: Summit of Twmbarlwm Hill Fort
DSC00070: Approach to Sugar Loaf
DSC00083: Vale of Ewyas & Skirrid
DSC00085: Vale of Ewyas (1)
DSCF0229: Vale of Ewyas (2)
DSCF0232: Rhos Dirion from Lord Hereford's Knob
DSCF0238: Mynydd Troed from Pen Allt-mawr
DSCF0242: Sugar Loaf and Skirrid from Pen Cerrig-calch
DSCF0245: Table Mountain

Crickhowell to Llandovery

DSCF0251: Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, Llangattock
DSCF0258: Llangattock Escarpment near caves
DSCF0260: Sugar Loaf and Llangattock Escarpment
DSCF0278: Fan y Big & Craig Cwareli from Cribyn
DSCF0288: Pen y Fan & Corn Du from y Gym
DSC00173: Fan Hir
DSCF0303: Llyn y Fan Fawr from Fan Hir
DSCF0308: Llyn y Fan Fach & Picws Du from Fan Foel
DSC00188: Pics Du
DSCF0314: Llyn y Fan Fach, Fan Foel & Picws Du

Llandovery to Dinas Mawddwy

DSC00205: Doethie Valley
DSC00217: River Teifi towards Strata Florida Abbey
DSC00250: Devil's Bridge
DSC00252: Devil's Bridge Gorge
DSC00269: Nant-y-moch Reservoir from Plynlimon
DSC00281: Bugeilyn
DSCF0361: Towards Machynlleth from Bwlch Coch
DSC00310: Dovey Valley from Mynydd Cemais
DSC00320: Dovey Valley near Mallwyd

Dinas Mawddwy to Barmouth

DSC00325: Cerist Valley from Foel Dinas
DSC00326: Craig Maesglase from Foel Dinas
DSC00328: Bwlch Siglen
DSC00331: Nant Maesglase towards Dinas Mawddwy
DSC00333: Craig Maesglase (1)
DSC00335: Craig Maesglase (2)
DSC00337: Bwlch Siglen from Maesglase
DSC00342: Cadair Idris from Craig Portas
DSC00366: Llyn Cau & Craig Cau
DSC00374: Llyn Cau from Craig Cau
DSC00377: Llyn y Gadair from Cadair Idris
DSC00388: Llynnau Cregennen from Craig-las
DSC00399: Clapper Bridge above Arthog Waterfalls

Barmouth to Beddgelert

DSC00408: Mawddach Estuary and Fairbourne
DSC00422: Crib-y-rhiw from Diffwys, Rhinogs
DSC00423: Llyn Dulyn and Y Llethr from Diffwys
DSC00426: Crib-y-rhiw and Diffwys from ascent of Y Llethr
DSC00428: Llyn Hywel & Rhinog Fach
DSCF0407: Llyn Trawsfynydd
DSC00453: Llyn Idwal & Nant Ffrancon from Glyder Fawr
DSCF0410: Waterfall near Dduallt
DSC00471: Moelwyn Mawr on way to Tanygrisiau
DSC00483: Llyn Stwlan, Upper Dam of Pumped Storage HEP Station
DSC00499: Ruins of old Buildings at Rhosydd Quarry
DSC00510: Cnicht Summit
DSC00512: North from Cnicht to Moel Siabod
DSCF0424: Afon Glaslyn near Beddgelert

Beddgelert to Conwy

DSCF0461: Idwal Cottage & Y Garn from Llyn Ogwen
DSCF0462: Ffynnon Lloer on ascent of Pen yr Ole Wen
DSCF0464: Y Garn & Snowdon from Pen yr Ole Wan
DSCF0465: Snowdon, Y Garn & Pen yr Ole Wen from Carnedd Dafydd
DSCF0467: FFynnon Llugwy Reservoir from Carnedd Llewelyn
DSCF0477: Llyn Anafon from Foel Fras
DSCF1439: Conwy Castle from Conwy Mountain

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